Sunday, December 15, 2013


  • Why did Rasputin stare at you with mesmerizing eyes?
  • Why was Rasputin, a religious Russian monk, an unabashed sex maniac? 
  • Why did Rasputin not mind stroking his beard with his filthy fingers?

Having “crazy monkey sex” all night with the aristocratic women of the Russian court who threw themselves at him, eating with his hands and then licking his fingers and stroking his beard, sprinkling it with greasy food morsels, staring at you with mesmerizing eyes that healed the sick and injured, Rasputin was both a revered saint and a filthy, detested, common peasant. 

How can one explain his strange ways?  Easily, if you know about sensory processing. Rasputin was a quintessential sensory craver: finding it hard to get enough sensation to satisfy him, he needed constant intense stimulation for sensation to register. 

Take his tactile hypo-sensitivity. Under-registering tactile sensation, he barely picked up the feeling of food slipping through his fingers, or of having greasy food morsels on his hands and fingers and in his beard. Rasputin didn't realize his hands were dirty! 

Tactile hypo-sensitivity also contributed to his constant craving sex with different partners, female and male, and likely of varying positions and styles. The more novelty, the more scintillating. I'm going to guess that he was also into S&M. Beating, hitting, tying up gives one intense pressure into the skin. If you barely feel the other's touch, you need this kind of intensity to fully enjoy and feel sexual release.

As for his mesmerizing eyes, what can be more stimulating than staring someone down and getting them under your control. That this ultimately created a healing reaction may have been a serendipitous result of his modus operandi of questing, craving, seeking, desiring never ending titillating sensation to make life sizzle. 

You can find more information about sensory styles and how they relate to behavior in my book Uptight & Off Center.

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